Meziadin Junction is on Gitanyow territory, and in particular the territory of Wilp Wii Litsxw, the current business structure recognizes this by having Wilp Wii Litsxw as majority shareholder in the business. Gitanyow Ayookxw (Law) places on the Gitanyow the right and responsibility to hold, protect and pass on the land and water of the territories in a sustainable manner from generation to generation.

The legal obligations associated with Gwelx ye’enst thus encompass not just to the health of land and water, but the whole system: the house, the authorities, the ranks of the house, the oral history, the laws, tying them to the land and allowing the system to continue through time. The business of Meziadin Junction Holdings is a modern expression of Gitanyow’s continuance of abiding by these laws and principles.

Meziadin Junction Limited Partnership was the recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Business Achievement Award.

The BC Aboriginal Business Awards were launched in 2008 to honour and celebrate business excellence in six categories. A total of 16 Aboriginal businesses, entrepreneurs, joint ventures and community- owned enterprises will be recognized.

The BC Aboriginal Business Awards are presented by the BC Achievement Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, and generously supported by New Relationship Trust, BC Hydro, Teck, Encana, Spectra Energy and MNPllp.

The BC Achievement Foundation is an independent foundation established and endowed in 2003 by the Province of British Columbia to celebrate community services, arts, humanities and enterprise.






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