When you travel to our part of the world, you are surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness. There is so much to see and do if you are one of those outdoors type people. From hiking and skiing, to wildlife and scenic viewing, to camping and adventuring. Below are some of the more popular things you can plan for when you come visit our neck of the woods.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

Meziadin Lake Park was established December 4th 1987 and consists of 335 heactres of beautiful land. Meziadin Lake Provincial Park is a popular stop for residential patrons as well as for travelers on »

Estuary Boardwalk

Estuary Boardwalk is located in Stewart, British Columbia located at the head of the Portland Canal. The actual entrance to the raised boardwalk begins near the visitor information centre and spans on »

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

In a Historic Village stands a remarkable Anglican Church. Started in 1882 as a Mission station of the North Pacific Mission; Church Missionary Society. It’s a small simple Church with stained on »

Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site

Are you interested in viewing Black and Grizzly bears in their nature habitat? Then you want to visit the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site. During the months of July and August, the bears on »

Gitanyow Village Totems

Gitanyow, formally named Kitwancool is a historic village and home to a variety of very old totem poles. Situated in North West British Columbia, Canada, this piece of history was brought to light by on »

Hanna Tintina Conservancy

The Hanna Tintina Water Shed is located within the territory of Wilps Wii Litsxw. The Hanna and Tintina streams are the spawning grounds of 80% of the Nass Sockeye. As part of the Recognition & on »