Hanna Tintina Conservancy

The Hanna Tintina Water Shed is located within the territory of Wilps Wii Litsxw. The Hanna and Tintina streams are the spawning grounds of 80% of the Nass Sockeye. As part of the Recognition & Reconciliation Agreement between Gitanyow and BC, the Gitanyow Land Use Plan (GLUP) was incorporated into the agreement making it legal. For Wii Litsxws territories there are specific areas called zonations that are defined such as:

  • Water quality & hydrology
  • Biodiversity, including old-growth and seral stage forests, rare ecosystems and connectivity
  • Cedar Management
  • Pine Mushrooms
  • Wildlife & Fisheries
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Timber & Special Resource Management Zones
  • Implementation & Monitoring

As part of the R&R agreement it was accepted that the all 24,000 hectares Hanna Tintina would be protected on the Parks Act as a Conservancy. Under this agreement there will be no development which includes logging, mining, run of river projects, etc. But this does not exclude any of our cultural activities such as hunting, fishing, and building cabins etc. Quite a significant amount of land that is now protected.

Sockeye on the Meziadin river