St. Paul’s Anglican Church

In a Historic Village stands a remarkable Anglican Church. Started in 1882 as a Mission station of the North Pacific Mission; Church Missionary Society. It’s a small simple Church with stained glass work.

Located at 149 Bridge Street, Kitwanga, British Columbia where the Kitwanga River runs into the Skeena River is the Village of Gitwangak which translates to “People of the place of rabbits” in the Gitxsan Language, within the Gitwangak Indian Reserve No. 1.

Even more unique is the 3-storey wooden bell tower that stands in front of St Paul’s Anglican Church and still has its original bell. The wood panels and unique design makes it a must see. You can see it from the East side of Highway 37.

Half a block east you will see a set of 10 Totem poles which were erected between 1840 and 1842, each telling a story about each clan. Totem poles are meant to be read from the bottom to the top, the bottom being the most important as it carries the weight of all the carvings above.

This is a very unique location allowing visitors to see a historic Christian church and ancient totem poles side by side, to admire the historic landmarks of two different cultures half a block from each other. It’s truly a majestic sight and in addition with the Skeena River in the background.