Explore the beauty that surrounds you.

Whether you prefer exhilarating hikes and invigorating ski adventures, wildlife encounters and awe-inspiring vistas, or the allure of camping and embarking on a new adventure, our region has it all.

Learn more about the popular activities you can look forward to when you visit our neck of the woods.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

Meziadin Lake Park was established December 4th 1987 and consists of 335 hectares of beautiful land. Meziadin Lake Provincial Park is a popular stop for residential patrons as well as for travelers on their way North to Alaska or exploring the Northern Region of British Columbia.

Located at 15639 Highway 27, Kitimat-Stikine A, British Columbia, Canada, only two hours away from Kitwanga, a historical site of Canada where you can visit St Paul’s Angelican Church and the Totem Poles of Gitwangak village. You can also visit the mining towns of Stewart, British Columbia; a day trip away from Bear Glacier.

At Meziadin Lake Park there is an excellent upgraded campground with 66 standard and high-density sites and 4 tent pads, that fit the needs of everyone, from people on bicycles to the very large recreational vehicles. Some of these beautiful sites are placed along the shore of Meziadin Lake and are on a first come, first serve basis.

You can also go canoeing or kayaking, cycling, swimming, wildlife viewing, and fishing, where you will see the main species being Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden, but in late Summer you can see the Salmon spawning in the lake and nearby Hanna and Tintina Creeks.

With everything that Meziadin Lake Provincial Park offers there is something for everyone, a great place to enjoy nature and see some amazing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Estuary Boardwalk

Estuary Boardwalk is located in Stewart, British Columbia located at the head of the Portland Canal.

The actual entrance to the raised boardwalk begins near the visitor information centre and spans approximately 805 metre across the flats of the canal.

This is a wonderful place to view birds and wetland plants and the mountain views are spectacular.

Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site

Are you interested in viewing Black and Grizzly bears in their nature habitat? Then you want to visit the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site. During the months of July and August, the bears frequently feed on the salmon moving through the creeks and local rivers. There is an elevated boardwalk for you to view them and forest service staff are on site to answer any questions you may have.

In addition to the bears, you may also see beavers, mink, Harlequin ducks, bald eagles, hawks, Great Blue Herons, and more. If you are a bird enthusiast, this is the place for you with dozens of species of large and small birds.

The park requires a pass which is easily attainable and the hours for the park are 6:00am to 10:00pm daily. Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site is located approximately 6.5 km north of Hyder, Alaska on Salmon River Road.

Gitanyow Village Totems

Gitanyow, formally named Kitwancool is a historic village and home to a variety of very old totem poles. Situated in North West British Columbia, Canada, this piece of history was brought to light by painter Emily Carr in 1928.

Many of the original totem poles have been removed from the village and preserved at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria. Those that are on display in the museum have been replaced in the village with replicas for travelers to see. The craftsmanship of these aboriginal works of art truly embraces the intended spirit for which they were made.

At the Gitanyow Historic Village and Interpretive Centre, you will find many historical artifacts including an ancient graveyard, artwork and carving sheds.

Hanna Tintina Conservancy

The Hanna Tintina Water Shed is located within the territory of Wilps Wii Litsxw. The Hanna and Tintina streams are the spawning grounds of 80% of the Nass Sockeye. As part of the Recognition & Reconciliation Agreement between Gitanyow and BC, the Gitanyow Land Use Plan (GLUP) was incorporated into the agreement making it legal.

For Wii Litsxws territories there are specific areas called zonations that are defined such as:

  • Water quality & hydrology
  • Biodiversity, including old-growth and seral stage forests, rare
    ecosystems and connectivity
  • Cedar Management
  • Pine Mushrooms
  • Wildlife & Fisheries
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Timber & Special Resource Management Zones
  • Implementation & Monitoring

As part of the R&R agreement it was accepted that the all 24,000 hectares Hanna Tintina would be protected on the Parks Act as a Conservancy. Under this agreement there will be no development which includes logging, mining, run of river projects, etc. But this does not exclude any of our cultural activities such as hunting, fishing, and building cabins etc. Quite a significant amount of land that is now protected.